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The burger-burrito hybrid called the Burgrito has arrived in Brooklyn

The Burgrito has landed in Brooklyn.
The mashup combines two greasy gut-busters — a burger and burrito — into one French fry-filled fast-food fantasy.
It’s the signature dish at Burgrito’s, a Bethpage, Long Island joint that just opened a new location in Park Slope (173 4th Ave., Brooklyn).
The Burgrito has all the makings of a great burger — juicy beef patties, American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and onions — all wrapped in a flour tortilla to qualify it as part-burrito...

— Gina Salamone

Burgrito’s opens Brooklyn location

Fans of Burgrito’s in Bethpage can now enjoy its unique combination of burgers and burritos at a new Brooklyn location. The Laby brothers, Lawrence and Darin, opened their second Burgrito’s location at 173 Fourth Avenue in Park Slope on Jan. 20...

Introducing the burgrito: Brooklyn restaurant combines burger and burrito

PARK SLOPE, Brooklyn (WABC) -- What happens when you combine two beloved foods, the burger and the burrito? A new restaurant, Burgrito's in Park Slope, Brooklyn is rolling out the burgrito...

— Jamie Nguyen & Todd Pierce

Wrapper’s delight! Burgrito’s is now serving up a ‘Brooklyn Paper Special!’

The Brooklyn Paper is on the menu!
Park Slope fast-food joint Burgrito’s is now serving up a new spin on its titular burger-burrito mash-up named for Brooklyn’s best newspaper, after this reviewer went in to try the original and — if I do say so myself — came up with a superior version.


The Burger/Burrito Mashup The World Apparently Asked For Is Coming To Park Slope Next Year

A new burger-and-burrito joint is coming to Park Slope, and their signature item, a burger/burrito mashup, is exactly what is sounds like: a burger and fries (sans bun) wrapped in a flour tortilla...


Is the 'burgrito' the next big food craze? A New York restaurant is selling a mash-up between a cheeseburger and a burrito

Ever since the Cronut set New Yorkers into a frenzy, everyone has been trying to come up with the next big food hybrid — and one restaurant is betting on a mash-up that's more savory than sweet.

Burgito's, a Long Island, New York burgers-and-Mexican-food joint, sells burritos, tacos, and of course, burgers...

— Carly Stern


When your self-proclaimed specialities are both burritos and burgers -- you'd be a damn fool not to dip into the dark art of greasy-food alchemy by combining them both to create an unholy, unheard-of mash-up of American and Mexican staples: the Burgrito, a cheeseburger burrito sent from the gods of food mash-ups...


Burgers and burritos come together because goodness exists in the world

The Burgrito is a stomach-busting concoction stuffed with tomato, bacon, lettuce, American cheese, onion, chipotle sauce, fries and hamburger meat. They also have a vegan Burgrito option, the Veg-rito...

— Sophie Hirsh